About the Grand Central District

Founded in 2000 and located just west of downtown St. Petersburg, the Grand Central District is home to over 450 locally owned and operated independent businesses, merchants, restaurants, bars, art galleries, professional services, and health and wellness providers.

Its boundaries are 31st St. to 16th St, and include Central Avenue, 1st Ave. N. and 1st Ave. S.

The Grand Central District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is also the birthplace of St. Pete Pride and home to over 150 small LGBTQ+ owned, operated and ally businesses, the Grand Central District is where the locals live, work and play. It’s an award winning community that was founded on diversity and inclusion defined by its colorful people, creative murals, outdoor dining, and embracing support from the surrounding neighborhoods. It also is the host of major events each year including Pride in Grand Central and Halloween on Central.

Grand Central is an array of unique local places to live, shop, eat, drink and enjoy the convenience of many professional services. Even if you just come for quirky vibe, there’s a seat for everyone in #GayGrandCentral.

How to get involved:

In addition to a managing Board and an Executive Director, the Association has 4 committees that are open to any member of the District. These committees meet monthly and are responsible for the direction, guidance, and action needed to help make the District a vibrant and growing community for patrons, businesses, and property owners.

The 4 committees are:

ECONOMIC VITALITY focuses on capital, incentives, and other economic and financial tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that drive local economies.

DESIGN supports a community’s transformation by enhancing the physical and visual assets that set the commercial district apart.

PROMOTION positions the downtown or commercial district as the center of the community and hub of economic activity, while creating a positive image that showcases a community’s unique characteristics.

ORGANIZATION involves creating a strong foundation for a sustainable revitalization effort, including cultivating partnerships, community involvement, and resources for the district.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact us at [email protected]