At last Thursdays City Council meeting they approved the contract to rebuild the sidewalks on the 24 and 2500 blocks including bulbs outs at 23, 24, and 25. New storm and water mains will also be replaced. I found out the day before that some elements of our plan were not included in the budget. I went to the meeting pointed this out to the Council members and they added the funds needed to keep the pots, irrigation, and lighting in the project. (Thank you to all it was a unanimous decision). Staff is now working with the contractor to develop the schedule and phasing plan. As soon as it is complete you will be informed, …when the project starts ….which block will be done first ….how long will each component take …and most importantly how will it effect you business
There is alot of work to do in a short amount of time but we have said all along that if this project cannot be completed before Thanksgiving it will have to be put off until after the Holiday season is over. As soon as the contractor completes the schedule you will need notified. …..what I need to help in this process is a list of businesses in the project area….please provide me with

Your business name and address
Contact person to be updated during project
Business days and hours of operation.
I need this information as soon as possible.
I will keep you updated as things come together Thanks
Jeff Danner
President Grand Central District