Prospective business owners will find that the Grand Central District and City of St. Petersburg offer a multitude of resources to aid in the process of establishing themselves in the Grand Central District. The following list offers just a glimpse of the Sunshine City’s support network.


The Grand Central District is just under 20 miles from Tampa International Airport (TPA), or roughly 25 minutes via I-275. The airport is served by over 20 airlines, with Southwest, American, Delta, United, and JetBlue Airlines comprising the bulk of its flights.

St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, located just 12 miles north of the Grand Central District, or a 20-minute drive, offers flights to and from locations across the United States and Canada via Allegiant, Sun Country, and Sunwing Airlines.

 Chamber of Commerce

St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce
100 2nd Avenue N – Suite 150; St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce
6990 Gulf Blvd; St. Pete Beach, FL  33706

Electric Service

Duke Energy

Starting electric service for a business generally takes about 48 hours. Service requests can be made through the Duke Energy Website or by calling 877.372.8477. The following information will be needed:

  • Date service will be needed,
  • Type of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation),
  • Social Security or Fed Tax ID,
  • Physical address of service,
  • Mailing address,
  • Authorized name on account,
  • Square footage of business, and
  • Primary heating and cooling source.

Duke Energy offers free rate reviews and tools to help businesses save energy and money.



If the light is attached to your building or is in your right of way in an alley, you are responsible for the maintenance of the light. If it is a city light, you can do the following to get it fixed:

  1. If possible, tie an orange or yellow ribbon around pole where street light is out of service.
  2. Identify address closest to street light out of service.  For alleys, identify rear-of address where street light is out of service.
  3. If there is a pole # (usually a 6 to 7 digit number on a stainless steel plate mounted on pole), take note of the pole #
  4. Duke Energy’s contact information to report street light outages is: or by phone at (727) 443-2641

For the Duke Energy site, use the address as close to location of street light in need of repair as possible.  Moreover, you can assign an arbitrary address using your GPS on your smart phone at the physical location of the street light, to get Duke Energy close to the light.  If you don’t have a pole number or the address is not located on the map, use the comment field to describe the location of the light.


Employment Agencies

2935 1st Avenue N – Suite 4; St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Licenses & Permits

City of St. Petersburg Business Tax Division 
325 Central Avenue – First Floor
PO Box 2842; St. Petersburg, FL 33731
727.893.7241 (option 2)

City of St. Petersburg Construction Services & Permitting
One 4th Street N; St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Petersburg additionally offers a number of incentives for businesses located within the city.

Phone & Internet

Bright House Networks

WOW Business

Frontier Business Edge



Community Service


We recommend that all businesses get a Blanket Trespass. A blanket trespass gives permission to the police department to come onto your property and provide a notice or arrest of a person who is trespassing on your property when you are not present.

How can I get a Blanket Trespass Order? You can call the non-emergency line and request one 727-893-7780.  An officer will come to your place of business and write up the order.  You will then need to place No Trespassing signs on or near your business to serve as a warning to potential trespassers.

How long does it last? Two Years

Will they let me know when it is about to expire? Unfortunately, they will not, you must keep track of your own renewal date.



Station #3:      3101 5th Avenue South                                                                                                                     727. 893.7556

The St. Petersburg Fire Department has enlisted our help in reaching out to businesses to create Emergency Plans for each business. Businesses are asked to complete as much of the highlighted information in the blank-quick-reference-sheet-for-spfd as they are able and provide a basic floor plan/diagram.  Please call the Fire Department at 893-7556 and an officer-on-duty will make an appointment to come out and help you fill out any outstanding information as well as add the locations of the utility shut off valves and site specific hazards onto your floor plan. The SPFD will then keep this information on file in case there is ever an emergency on site – a little bit of preparation can save lives and your business.


City of St. Petersburg Sanitation Department 
2001 28th Street N; St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Waste Pro (Recycling Services)

Water & Sewer

City of St. Petersburg Water Department 
11650 3rd Avenue; St. Petersburg, FL 33713