In this issue:   Next Board Meeting:  10/19/16 at 6:00pm, Your New Board, Upcoming Events, GCDA survey, Information on Blanket Trespass and Lights
News and updates for Grand Central District business and property owners.
2529 Central Avenue
(inside the co-working space at Clear Labs)Office Hours: M-F, 9a-5p

Tawnee Walling, Executive Director/ Main Street Manager


Jon Tallon, President

Terry Thompson, Vice President


Joel Schmitz, CPA

Philip C. Dobson
Mitch Faber
Precious Green
Karen Helsinger
Brian Longstreth
Dale Osterwise
Kate Thorpe
Amanda Turner

Bill Georgiou
Andy Salyards

GCDA Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Next Meeting:
10/19/16 at 6pm
Florida Print Solutions
432 31st St N

Grand Central Market is Moving!!

Art, Antiques, Collectables, & HOME DECOR
WherePunky’s Bar & Grill
3063 Central Avenue
(We will be located in the parking lot)

When: November 5, 2016 9a-4p

Why: Location, location, location!

If you would like to participate, please contact Dale Osterwise of   D & A Ambient Antiques.  Vendor Fee is $25.

Application Here

Like the Grand Central Market on Facebook!

Hanging From the Light Posts!

Kick off at Punky’s Bar & Grill
3063 Central Avenue
Saturday, November 19
9 AM – 12 PM

We will be putting up holiday lights throughout the district and for those businesses who don’t regularly do so, we encourage you to take 30 minutes to sweep up the sidewalks, clean up any litter and wash your storefront window in preparation for the holiday season!

Join us for the fun and help beautify our district!


How you can have your voice heard…

1. Take our 5 minute survey

2. Come to our Board Visioning Meeting on 10/19 at 6pm at Florida Print Solutions

3. Speak to a board member about your idea

4. Email our Executive Director,Tawnee Walling

At our September 27th Annual Meeting the following were elected to our Board of Directors:Jon Tallon, President
Terry Thompson, Vice President
Joel Schmitz, Treasurer

Philip C. Dobson
Mitch Faber
Precious Green
Karen Helsinger
Brian Longstreth
Dale Osterwise
Kate Thorpe
Amanda Turner

Bill Georgiou
Andy Salyards

If you are interested in serving on our board or in an advisory capacity, please email Tawnee Walling for more information.

Blanket Trespass:
What is a blanket trespass?  A blanket trespass gives permission to the police department to come onto your property and provide a notice or arrest of a person who is trespassing on your property when you are not present.How can I get a Blanket Trespass Order?  You can call the non-emergency line and request one 727-893-7780.  An officer will come to your place of business and write up the order.  You will then need to place No Trespassing signs on or near your business to serve as a warning to potential trespassers.

How long does it last?  Two Years

Will they let me know when it is about to expire?  Unfortunately, they will not, you must keep track of your own renewal date.

How can I see if my business is on the blanket trespass?  We have a list from the SPPD at GCDA, feel free to email Tawnee and she can see if your address is on it.  Please note, if you have requested a blanket trespass in the last 10 days or so, it will not be on the list but you can be assured that the SPPD has the information

Street Light Issues:

If the light is attached to your building or is in your right of way in an alley, you are responsible for the maintenance of the light.  If it is a city light, you can do the following to get it fixed:

1.       If possible, tie an orange or yellow ribbon around pole where street light is out of service.
2.       Identify address closest to street light out of service.  For alleys, identify rear-of address where street light is out of service.
3.       If there is a pole # (usually a 6 to 7 digit number on a stainless steel plate mounted on pole), take note of the pole #
4.       Duke Energy’s contact information to report street light outages is: or by phone at (727) 443-2641

For the Duke Energy site, use the address  as close to location of street light in need of repair as possible.  Moreover, you can assign an arbitrary address using your GPS on your smart phone at the physical location of the street light, to get Duke Energy close to the light.  If you don’t have a pole number or the address is not located on the map, use the comment field to describe the location of the light.

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